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Garage Storage Systems in Orlando

About Smart Racks & Our Storage Solutions

Smart Racks offers Orlando, FL customers like you durable and convenient garage storage systems if you need to organize your garage and free up space in your home. We have served Florida residents since 2015 with our storage solutions, and before that, our company operated in Arizona since 2008. Our impressive expertise in storage systems, durable construction, materials, and how to integrate them into your garage ensures your valuable belongings stay safe without taking up space in your living room, coat closets, and other essential floorspace. Garage ceiling storage systems are a safe solution to declutter your home using your existing structure and overhead space to stow away golf bags, boxes, bikes, and many other possessions. Our garage storage solutions are affordable and customizable to fit your unique space and budget. We also include a lifetime warranty with our racks because we are confident, they will suit your needs and work for you for years to come.

Storage-Related Services We offer Customers

Smart Racks wants you to feel at ease and confident in your garage storage investment. After placing an order for a custom storage solution, our team can expertly install it so that it’s ready to use as soon as we finish and provides a stable, safe place to store your belongings. We offer customers several options to address their junk collections, including various garage storage rack system options. You can save money on the overhead garage storage racks you need by choosing a two-rack or three-rack option, but we also have half sizes available if your storage needs are modest. We build our storage racks with 13-gauge galvanized steel, so they’re sturdy enough to hold heavy belongings. If you have bikes, ladders, or gold bags taking up space, you can hang them from our storage rack’s base. These overhead racks can go directly over your garage door with a perfect fit and no interruption to your garage door’s operation. Additionally, you get complete support from us to ensure you never worry about structural failure damaging anything below or harming anyone in your garage.

Proudly Serving Customers Throughout Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL is our Smart Racks’ home, and we’re proud to be community members and live in the neighborhoods we serve. As Florida residents with our own homes, we understand how valuable floor space is and create garage storage solutions to ensure customers get the most out of their home’s square footage. Every year, our state gets significant rainfall, and hurricanes are an annual concern. Instead of leaving your valuables sitting on your garage floor, you can place them in an overhead garage storage rack to protect them from thieves and flooding while clearing space in your home. Overhead storage also makes walking around your garage less hazardous with items off the ground. You can even use your newly liberated space for other projects, like a workbench or exercise equipment. We’ll create and install your garage ceiling storage system to fit your garage’s specific dimensions, keeping your belongings stowed away securely and easily accessible whenever you need them. Our team will gladly discuss all the benefits of our overhead rack systems.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Garage Storage Systems

Smart Racks looks forward to working with you to create a custom overhead garage storage solution fitting your unique space and storage needs. We work with you to determine your rack’s size, including its length, width, and height, and we use durable galvanized steel to ensure it provides long-term durability and safety. With our lifetime warranty, you’ll also get peace of mind, offering complete support whenever you need it. Contact us today to discuss putting a garage storage solution in your home and start your custom order. We’re ready to help you make the most of your garage space.

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