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Your Supplier of Custom Overhead Garage Storage

When the citizens of Winter Springs/Oviedo, FL, need solutions to their storage problems, they come to us here at Smart Racks. That’s because we provide custom garage storage solutions, no matter what kind of garage or storage space you must work with. We want you to know that you don’t simply have to put up with heavy gardening tools strewn about your backyard or old furniture piling up in your garage. With one of our heavy-duty overhead garage storage racks, you will be able to reclaim usable space and declutter your life. Our garage storage racks are made from 13-gauge galvanized steel so they can stand up to the harsh, salt air that is common in Winter Springs/Oviedo, FL. Plus, each rack can securely hold up to 600 pounds, so you can use them to store heavy items. Investing in one of our garage ceiling storage racks is a great way to save money on storage fees. Get all your stuff out of storage and rid yourself of a monthly expense with a custom garage storage rack from Smart Racks. We would love to tell you about all the storage options we have available for you, so pick up the phone and dial our number today!


What We Offer

One of the best things that overhead garage storage racks offer is more usable floor space, but the only way these kinds of racks can offer this awesome advantage is if they are durable. So not only do we offer highly durable 13-gauge galvanized steel racks that are installed by professionals, but we also offer:


  • A 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee – You have three whole months to live with your new garage racks to make sure you love them.
  • Custom Rack Designs – You can choose from one, two, and three rack systems that can be fine-tuned based on length, width, and height.
  • Free Estimates – No matter what kind of overhead garage storage racks you need, you can expect free estimates when you work with us here at Smart Racks.
  • Professional Installation – All our garage rack installations in Winter Springs/Oviedo, FL, are handled by experienced professionals.

Contact Us for Custom Garage Storage Rack Design

Every garage and storage space are different. That’s why we offer custom garage storage rack design in Winter Springs/Oviedo, FL. Your garage may present unique challenges, but our design team will help overcome them. Whether you have limited space, large vehicles, or an awkward area for racks, we will be able to build a system that fits perfectly. We account for everything from overhead clearance space to your personal preferences, so give us a call and let’s start designing your custom garage rack system today!